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When someone scoffs at your insistence that we live in an age of miracles and wonder, show them this video. The Broncos stadium, featured in this entirely necessary video, is getting a turf makeover to reduce glare and getting it free from Field Turf. Pish-posh, we say: when we get tinsel-grass installed at Florida Field, we'll show you the definition of glare. 

A LONG, LONG LOVE STORY THAT ENDS IN A SEMI-EXCLUSIVE ORGY. Hinton, of course, has the best piece yet on conference expansion, saying that the impending Superconferencepacolypse is essentially an honest admission of what's been happening in college football for a long, long time. We're still fond of a relegation system like the EPL, especially because the joy of watching a team get relegated down to a lower tier would be a class-1 narcotic we'd like to try immediately, but that's a good idea, and will therefore never happen. 

IT IS INDEED A-SPICY. Ro*Tel proudly sponsors TNIAAM's Big Ten watch, which features JoePa's head floating in a soup of delicious cheese. We didn't actually click on this, because seeing that much cheese in a bowl would have us projectile vomiting on our keyboard, but someone told us it was quite entertaining (fermented cow snot aside.) 

AT LEAST TODD MCSHAY IS ON THE RECORD AS BEING A DICK. Anonymous NFL scouts call Terrence Cody "a big, fat blob," noting the failure of said big fat blobs in the NFL like famous flops Casey Hampton and Ted Washington. 

FURTHER UNSURPRISING DETAILS ABOUT THE GREATEST 7-6 COACH EVER. Kiffykins didn't care about, you know, your actual performance, but rather just the stars by your face on 

YARRR BARWIS. Interview with Barwis, who states that he's always had "a passion for living" and that Brandon Graham's power clean went up over 200 pounds in his conditioning program. No mention of pet wolves, but as with all Mike Barwis studies, it should be assumed they're sitting at his feet, waiting for the order to kill.