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Brian Kelly is really, really trying at Notre Dame, which makes him way better than Charlie Weis, who at one point actually ripped a new asshole for a hopeless student lackey who neglected to get him a golf cart to travel across campus in on the way to a.) hot pressed sub, b.) five hot pressed subs, c.) pantsless film study with the door closed and Bon Jovi cranking. 

Kelly's encouraging people to go whole hog (except on Fridays during Lent, of course) for the Notre Dame experience, a move we'll call the Bronco Mendenhall Buy-In: going to church, diving into campus life, supporting other ND teams at events, etc. It's worked wonders for BYU, another religious school who's managed to be competitive, so it is as good a guess at solving the riddle of making the Irish competitive in the postmodern era as anyone's made.* 

He's also harnessing the power of dance. 

He has been making the rounds on campus, including at various sporting events. Kelly walks around at halftime shaking hands and talking to people. He even did an Irish jig at halftime of a women’s game.

There is footage of this. 


*As opposed to Charlie Weis' soulless grind of meetings and pro-style Parcellsian misery. He's hated football, and always will.