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WHERE IS OUR MEDIA OUTRAGE? Yancy Porter, who writes for Scout's Ole Miss site, has been suspended for the rest of spring practice after taking pictures of incoming recruits, something Yancy said he's been doing for years without a problem. 

"It was a misinterpretation," Porter said. "I will never, ever do something deliberately to break the rules. This was the same stuff I've been doing for years."

The minor brouhaha is part of a new Ole Miss policy attempting to avoid any possible recruiting violations, which seems reasonable, but you'll hear no defense of Yancy because a.) this happened in Oxford, a relative media hinterland in college football, and b.) he's online, and not a "real" journalist. Plus, Houston Nutt will SMEZERISE all those who disagree with him. 



Meanwhile, Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron will be selling individual beefcake calendars of prospective ninth grade prospects out of Ed's car in the parking lot at USC. Gotta hustle, baby, just in case this football thing doesn't work out.