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Steve Spurrier walks out of the film room. His visor is on the floor; his clipboard is shattered in three pieces on the floor. 

Grad Assistant One: Man, that was awkward. 

Grad Assistant Two: Seriously. Some Titleist is going to get the shit hit out of it this afternoon. 

GA1: Maybe the helmet cam wasn't such a good idea

GA2: Yeah. It only makes him angrier when he can see who Garcia's about to throw an interception to. 

GA1: Or who he's going to throw five interceptions to. 

GA1: So it's mounted on the helmet? 

GA2: Yeah, but Garcia wears it everywhere. 

GA1: Why? 

GA2: He says "When you live life as fast I do, wearing a helmet is a good idea." 

GA1: So it's on...all the time? 

Silence. Exchanged glances. 

GA1: We shouldn't...

GA2: I mean, it's only the last 12 hours, since the system auto-erases and begins recording over the old footage...

Grad Assistant One rewinds the tape past practice and to the beginning...

GA1: Let's see how much one man can do in 12 hours..

2:48 A.M. 


9:20 A.M. 


11:32 A.M. 


12:31 P.M. 


1:45 P.M. 


GA1: Is that Cocky? 

GA2: I'm deleting this. 

GA1: Good idea. Holy shit, we don't know how to live, man. 

GA2: Not even close. Hey, is he wearing it right now? 

GA1: Go live. Let's see. 

GA2: I'm afraid. 

He hits the switch. 



GA2: That's live. 

GA1: Seriously. We have no idea how to live.