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We all have our reasons. Just make them good ones.
We all have our reasons. Just make them good ones.

Mark ingram, Sr. jumped bail in a dashing attempt to watch his son, Mark Ingram Jr, play in the National Championship game 2009 Sugar Bowl thus adding a new instance of "times when it is perfectly acceptable to break the law." That list includes, but is not limited to: 

--Taking a bold and shirtless stand against the egomaniacal rich man whose goons terrorize your town. 

--Mild speeding.  

--Jewel theft, but only if it's really stylish, extravagant jewel theft. 

--Trespassing in the name of accessing a hot tub or trampoline.

--Temporary boat theft (only applicable if boat is over 20 feet long, and especially applicable if you're stealing the Queen Mary.) 

--Violating any and all laws on the books regarding the use of fireworks and their size. 

--Public nudity if it's attractive public nudity. Also acceptable in instances of humor, like when your friend presses his bare ass to the glass of a restaurant or bar. 

--Open container in a non-driving situation, something only New Orleans understands. 

--Arrests in the name of muddin' 

--Train theft. 

--Whatever Billie Jean did in the Legend of Billy Jean (i.e. "sticking it to the man.") Has to end with a public assembly and pardoning to mass applause. 

--Buying liquor on Sundays in Georgia. 

--Rape, but only if you're raping a clown or mime. 

--Punching someone who deserves it as determined by your Local Board Of Assault In a Justified Manner Determination. 

...and now add "jumping bail to see your son play in a bowl game" to the list. Ingram Sr. will have 27 months tacked onto his sentence as a result of the bail-jumping, but it was a stellar effort, sir. A gentleman accepts the cost of his wagers, even if they involve a bit more time in a jumpsuit than one might have initially anticipated.  

Feel free to add your own to the list as long as they themselves aren't an act requiring immediate arrest.