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And now: the found poetry of Houston Nutt. Text source: here. Spacing: Ragin' Cajun Rebel and Orson Swindle. Produced and conceived by: Ragin' Cajun Rebel. 


"Optima Dies, Prima Fugit"


i love georgia football

i love the high school football coaches

in georgia.


it’s great football

these are great athletes


and moms


out there


we have

a real good success rate

with georgia players

at ole miss


i thought I was going

to the nfl

or nba

when I was 9 years old


i was this tall in eighth grade

i was always picked first in every pickup game.


what I loved

about my playground

was nobody could talk


y’all laugh

but it’s good


nobody talked

it was quiet

and you had to use your mind

and you had to use your eyes.


and what I loved so much

about those playgrounds I had

it was asian


african american

native american



it didn’t matter the skin color

as long

as you

could sign


if you could sign

you were in the family

and i could sign


even though i'm a hearing person

the deaf kids picked me

because i could sign


there is nothing

like those lessons

on that playground


it taught you about

teamwork and attitude

family and passion

that competitive spirit

that all you guys have





then you can’t have

personal problems

you gotta wait till you’re 28


these are

the best days of your life

put a smile on your face


i’m excited

I’m excited

about the future


and i really wish

i could take

you home

with me