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Les Miles got miked up for the Tiger's "Big Cat" drill. Sadly, this did not involve actual tussling against Mike the Tiger, though we are certain that was the original idea Miles had before the pencilnecks in legal overruled him. Fucking lawyers. 

It is what you hoped for in so many ways: men actually beating the shit out of each other in one-on-one drills, grunting, violence, and Les Miles losing track of a score you can keep without even using your toes. Lord Mingo has a particularly nice showing as Miles introduces him as "Kiki," and then says "West Monroe, WOOOOOOO!!!!" That passes for entertainment in March, and we'll take it. 

Rueben Randle, child of Ramgod, completely destroys his man. If you need us, we'll be out in the backyard pushing a blocking sled around until we get tired. (Three minutes tops.) 

HT: Rebekah