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Sgt. Slaughter Getting Good Reviews, Which Is Pretty Much What You Would Expect From an Interim Coach In The Offseason. Sgt. Slaughter, aka Steve Addazio, has been getting excellent reviews from recruiting services, and that's quite nice since they rate your ability to schmooze 18 year olds, and not adjust your offense to the personnel you have DIVE DIVE DIVE DAMN YOU. Urban Meyer returns to coach full-time sometime between now and August, and if not that noise you hear is the splash of our body falling in the nearest body of water off the tallest possible bridge available. 

BUT WILL THEY HAVE RO-TEL? The Pac-10's hiring of Kevin Weiberg may signal an interest in creating a conference network, and if you've ever wanted to see Petros Papadakis host his own Greek cooking show in the offseason that is awesome, awesome news for you. The league currently farms out most of its games to Versus on late night, so really creating their own network can't possibly worse than that. Finally, you need Barbasol on board to make it happen, because close shave America, close shave with a woman determined to poison you after your week long disappearance. 

THAT'S ANOTHER WAY. Freek has his own opinions on how UCLA and USC differentiate recruits

THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SHOCK FROM THE FORMER HEAD COACH AT WAKE FOREST. Institutional promotions sometimes work, but watching Jim Caldwell stodgily screw the pooch in the Super Bowl should remind you that coaches don't really change, ever, for any reason, and that somehow the same guy who was mediocre at best at Wake Forest somehow got himself an NFL job, lucked into the spot of being their head coach following the departure of their actual good coach, and voila! Professoinal Cokerdom Achievement Unlocked! 

Just another reminder, though, that smart guys usually beat less smart people in a talent-equal situation, an interesting dynamic to transfer to college, where the talent differentials sometimes allow less-than-smart guys with charisma and an ability to recruit to survive longer than they probably should. We're not talking about anyone in particular. Nope. Not at all. 

LET'S PUT YOU ON THE FRIES FIRST, AND WORK UP TO EXPO. Steve Kragthorpe is in coaching rehab.