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Seantrel Henderson, currently waiting out the NCAA'S verdict on USC's impending non-punishment from the NCAA, has a father who makes us feel much better about our prospects as a parent. For instance, our rap career is already solidified as among the internet's finest hypothetical sports-related rap careers, and like Jay-Z sitting atop his pile of money we feel no need to attempt to best our rivals in this department. (We were going to 9/11 'em, but they did it to themselves.) 

Sean Henderson, however, is attempting to build a rap career while helping his son pick the next step in his career, meaning going to USC was way, way more appealing to Seantrel's closest advisor than going to Ohio State, Minnesota, or Florida, since none of the three are known for their burgeoning rap scenes. We say this will all due respect to the Sleepy Rappers, who were more representative of a single comet-like flare of genius than the payoff from years of scene-building manifesting itself in the form of  single act. 

I know, it sucks, but complain to other one-shot geniuses like Three Doors Down, Snow, and Evanescence and see how much sympathy you get. It's a big club. It would help Sean Henderson to note that if he plans on making friends in the music industry, he might not want to talk shit about them in public unless he plans on starting a beef, since he's already trashed Jim Tressel as being "boring" in public despite the fact that the man was kind enough to visit, offer a scholarship, and even take his shoes off in our house, sir.

Mark our words: JT Smoove don't take this kind of disrespect lyin' down. That's your momma's job, and Jim done finished that about twice last night before letting the rest of the train take over. (Krenzel up in that, oh best belee K-Renz up in that like a quarterback draw.) When you diss Tress you diss yourself, and you'll be screaming for mercy by the time he sends Black Jim Tressel to show you some style by putting his priceless Italian loafers up that ass.