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He's got  hos. In different area codes.  Moving quickly this morning on what is a glorious National Signing Day: Jim Harbaugh is forcing you to use Google to find where he's referencing who, but in other news he is apparently fluent in 1993 MC-speak. HE SEES YOU, ANONYMOUS AREA CODE!!!

Captain Comeback is also reminding you that we all run on East Coast Time whether you like it or not, since the fax machines go on at 4 in the morning. This was one of the three things Lane Kiffin was in charge of doing at USC besides a.) get donuts, b.) balance out Steve Sarkisian's good offensive playcalls, and c.) polishing Pete's Boogie Board. 

Continued Use of Twitter In The Name of Recruiting Spoilers. The wide receiver previously committed to Tennessee under the Donut Boy Regime, Markeith Ambles,  may announce for UNC today after a game pursuit by numerous parties. We can't disclose our sources, but you may want to look at his Twitter page. The AJC is reporting he's headed to USC, he has his own UsStream feed, and yeah, he's going to be fun no matter where this jocular and clearly media-aware young man goes. A publicity-hungry wideout? Break that mold, soul-makers! 

Seantrel Henderson, Who Is Interested In [UNIVERSAL SET OF UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES.]  The very large and talented offensive lineman has a long, long list of schools he is interested in, but today's rumor du jour is that the is USC's to lose. This being Lane Kiffin, any loss of Henderson would be judged a moral recruiting victory. 

The Evil Recruiting Ploy Worked! HAHAHA! Universe, fooled! When Urban Meyer resigns again at 4:01 p.m today and cackles before throwing down a smoke bomb and leaving the recruits with head coach Steve Addazio, he'll have hoodwinked the nation's number one recruiting class without too much drama or unforeseen Nu'Keese-ness. All of them fell for it, including Mack Brown, who resigned his post as Texas' football coach todayto play running back for Florida at exactly 8:26 a.m. You're welcome, Head Coach Muschamp. 

Honda, purchased. Just a reminder: when this is all over, the same coaches buttering recruits up will be the ones running them until they vomit, screaming at them in the weight room, and later possibly making taunts involving their dead or incarcerated  relatives. To be fair, though, the "sold a Rolls Royce and given a Honda" metaphor mentioned here in the Post is a bit inaccurate since Maryland isn't even a Honda. Hondas, unlike Maryland football, are reliable and steady, whereas the Terrapins under Friedgen have been Chryslers at best.