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EDSBS got a chance to stage an innovative interview with the Ohio State head coach. We got one question of any length, and Jim Tressel, a fan of pantomime and other interpretive dance-related arts, would respond with a gesture. Thanks to the good people in the Ohio State sports information department for setting this up. 

Orson: Thanks for the chance to do this unique interview. Coming off a big win over Oregon in the Rose Bowl that many say ended your streak of hard luck in BCS bowls, what are the big goals for Ohio State this year? Is it continuing the progress of Terrelle Pryor as a college level quarterback, or replacing the production lost in the form of stud DT turned NFL draft prospect Doug Worthington, or sorting out the tangle of talented running backs waiting in the backfield? Or is it just a matter of capitalizing on the positive momentum of a BCS bowl win and developing the new recruiting class? Could it be a matter of all of this at the same time? DId we make this question long enough? 



Orson: Thanks, coach. 

This has been an EDSBS Pantomime Interview. Thanks to Jim Tressel and Ohio State for their time.