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The clear finalist for the defensive coordinator position vacated by Charlie Strong at Florida is now Teryl Austin, Arizona Cardinals' secondary coach and former college coach at Syracuse, Michigan, and Wake Forest. This is his full bio, which you may need since unless you are an alum of one of those schools or an Arizona Cardinals fan, you have no idea who he is. 

His rep by the numbers from Michigan as a secondary coach at the college level isn't good: from '99 through '01, the years  he was  secondary coach for the Wolverines,  Austin's secondaries were ranked 62nd, 86th, and 49th in the nation. (This span covers the infamous 54-51 2000 Northwestern loss, btw.) His NFL secondaries have been opportunistic and interception-y, but this sentence makes one scratch one's head with a rusty implement and consider placing it in one's eyeball upon one's reading of it: 

During Austin’s three-year stint at Syracuse from 1996-98, he also worked with Steve Addazio, now the Gators’ offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. He has never been a defensive coordinator at any level.

Austin did have a reputation as a good recruiter at Michigan, and yeah, Dan Mullen but didn't have any experience as a coordinator when Meyer made him coordinator, but it still makes the hand get stabby to read that phrase.