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It won't be BYU, but this video is here on its own merits.

MONEY IN THE BANK. Demographics: you're getting a crash course in them until the Pac-10 actually decides who they want for expansion, a process Addicted to Quack says begins and ends with Colorado as the lynchpin of their expansion strategy once you start working the tv markets, growth rates, and all the other things you didn't think about when sizing up the initial proposal for the conference expanding. More likely, you thought things like this. 

--"Man, BYU playing in Berkley ever year would be a hilarious and entertaining clash of cultures."

--"Ralphie could gore the UCLA juggler!" 

--"Oregon's unis playing on Smurf Turf = early eye-trauma-induced glaucoma= medical marijuana=WOOO!" 

Colorado is a growth market and in profile fits really well with the Pac-10, but the first geographic/demographic choice it's not: that would be San Diego, whose lack of a quality college football program baffles given the good weather, solid talent base, and high school football culture. Schnelly! A sleeping giant awaits! The sea lions will respect you as all beasts do instinctively. 

GLAD WE'RE TAKING CARE OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS. Like restricting the number of visits a coach can make based on his title. The watch for a clear purpose for the NCAA's existence continues for the 1683th day in a row on this blog. Well, despite reminding us that there are a zillion student-athletes in the NCAA, and most of them will be going pro in something else, like doing chemistry while doing an iron cross with only one hand. (We'd never hire that guy. Too distracted.) 

TO BE FAIR, WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO? Nebraska is going to have 50K reserved for their spring game

ENDLESS FACEPALM. Ahem. ut it was obvious that Tim Tebow didn’t trust Thompson, who was often wiiiiiiddddde open downfield too many times to count.

And waving. In fact, it's hard not to read the name "Deonte Thompson" and not see him waving frantically downfield without a single DB within ten yards of him. We don't actually have a mental image of him without one arm in the air waving frantically, so it may be a genetic condition making his athletic success even more spectacular in light of his playing football successfully with only one arm.  One person won't miss Tim Tebow at least, and it's Thompson. As for the rest of this "we'll be better on offense" shit, well...maybe, but that may be as much of a product of needing to score some serious points to make up for some bleeding out on defense due to graduation/draft. It could be 2007 all over again except with one proven cornerback instead of "men blindly slapping at receivers." 

RAMBLE-ICIOUS. The Solid Verbal Podcast always makes us sound better than we actually are, mostly because every broadcast begins with the Lou Holtz quote "Wanna be happy? Eat a steak" quote, whose reflected glory covers everything in the broadcast. Further discussion of the inverse relationship between program magnitude and recruiting ranking hype, Urban Meyer's return, and the teams we enjoyed watching for all the wrong reasons. (Like, say, Maryland, a team whose slow horror was magnetic viewing.)