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Tommy Tuberville seemed like a good fit at Texas Tech for so many reasons: his easy good ol' boy manner, his pre-browned hide ready to absorb the blaring rays of the West Texas sun, his defensive bona fides  in a conference desperately short on them, his acting ability in local commercials. 


The Youtube caption on that is succinct and perfect: "Golden Flake? MORE LIKE GOLDEN GLOBE." We never realized another wrinkle, though, that Tuberville's Auburn teams and Texas Tech had in common: rich, fatty foie gras scheduling rich enough to give any team a fine and well-deserved case of gout. Texas Tech usually likes to play "How many kindergardeners would it take to kick your ass?" with the likes of Sam Houston State, but this year's quarry will be Weber State on November 20th, a game Weber State will lose by an abominable margin. 

This does lead us to a new and completely unquantifiable stat: The Man-Up Advantage. How many players would Weber State need to play with in this game to play evenly with Texas Tech? And we mean, seriously, think about how many players it would take, and don't just say "THEY'D HAVE TO PLAY WITH BOTH OFFENSE AND DEFENSE ON THE FIELD." Weber State at least hung around respectably in a week one game with Wyoming last year, a team Texas Tech would still likely tar and feather after a stutter-start first half, so...two? We'll say two. 

MAN-UP ADVANTAGE in lopsided cupcake game: WEBER STATE, +2.