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Traveling, viewing, and drankin' agendas for the weekend:

ORSON (Boise)
At the moment, rollicking his way up a mountain somewhere en route to Boise for the latest Allstate Rivalry Road Trip.

HOLLY (Atlanta)
Covering to some degree or other on the mothership: The SECCG, the B12CG, the ACCCG, the MACCG, and the C-USACG. Oh, and the Civil War, which you may have heard of.
En deeveearr: Saving Rutgers-WFV, Nevada-LaTech, USC-UCLA, and UNLV-Hawaii for meandering Sunday viewing.

RichRod: Oh, you know. Kicking back. Taking a little "he" time. Bubble bath. Candles. Book of Cathy cartoons. Macarons. But only Buble on the Zune, because that Josh Groban can be really hurtful.

And you, gentle readers? This here is your open thread for the year's final MACTION, Fresno State-Illiois, and whatever else strikes your fancy this fine evening. These here are your TV listings and coverage maps. This is your weekend. Make it a memorable one, because this is all about to end. [DANCE BREAK]