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The Texas Bowl will in effect be a Baylor home game, since people tend to get excited when you haven't been to a bowl since 1994 when Grant Teaff was the coach, Notre Dame was a national power, and the corpse of Crystal Pepsi was still warm to the touch.  Holly and ourselves discuss the BIG VOICE GUY, how very excited the Illini players are about this game, about the Illini's amazing globe-trotting schedule, and Eddie McGee, master of robots and other semi-animate technologies. [NAME REDACTED] GONNA HEADBUTT HIS WAY TO VICTORY.

We also call Mikel Leshoure "LeMikel Shoure," but only because we're editing his name to something even more fabulous, and not because we just suffered a small stroke HEY IS THAT TOAST MMMM TOAST.

Listen here, or in the player below.