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The Military Bowl requires bringing out the big guns, both because it fits our military metaphor and because no one really cares about it. But the players! Oh, yeah, don't tell us these games don't mean anything.


"Finishing third in the ACC, we thought we were going to a better bowl - not a better bowl, but a warmer bowl," linebacker Alex Wujciak said. "We’re from around here. The good thing about bowl games is you get to go to a place you’ll probably never go again. People were a little disappointed at first, but once the decision was made, there was nothing we could do but get ready."

[guitar noise]

Joining us for this podcast is Drew Magary, chosen for his expertise in the area of Maryland football studies because he once accidentally went to a Maryland football pep rally while attending a Dave Attell show. (Ralph Friedgen making a joke about masturbating and crying at the same time is soooo much more disturbing than Attell telling the same joke.)  We discuss the Schottenheimer-Tressel Syndrome, the exact geographic line between being a pirate and a gay mugger with an eyepatch, and Ruffin McNeil's belt positioning and the concept of gut surrender.

Listen here, or in the player below.