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The bowl game of choice for shut-ins, the Insight/Grizzlebee's bowl is the sad little takeout window of the Fiesta Bowl, and features the team doing the ordering of middle American calorie ordnance (Missouri, clearly coming into this bowl game happier, fitter, and deserving of some indulgence) and the high, depressed guy with a record taking your order. That's Iowa, who gets their own whole sentence devoted to reminding you that as badly as your season went, at least it is not the dysfunctional ball of arrests and exploding knee ligaments that is Iowa's. We attempt to cast the bad ESPN movie made of Iowa's season on the podcast, but this continues below. 

  • Ricky Stanzi: Chris Klein
  • Derrell Johnson-Koulianos: Usher, in a role you won't soon forget
  • Kirk Ferentz: Alfre Woodard
  • Adrian Clayborn: Channing Tatum
  • L'il French, The One-Legged Training Intern Who Inspires Them All To Put Aside Their Differences For One Night At The Insight Bowl, But Who Is Accidentally Killed During A Halftime Locker Room Brawl: Matt Damon

Listen here, or in the player below.