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In the sixth installment of 35 for 35, Adam Jacobi is our special guest because he went to Los Angeles once, and that is more than enough of a resume to discuss the city of San Diego in depth. Topics discussed:

  • Wondering how Jack Hanna got his hands on the rare rapemonkey they keep at the San Diego Zoo
  • A note on a resemblance between Brady Hoke and an actor on a popular HBO show. That's right! It's Deborah Ann Woll!
  • A discussion on Craig James fondness for grilled poop, which we just made up.
  • Pouring one out for the Ricky Dobbs for Heisman campaign.

Listen here, or listen below in the player. If nothing else you get the most aintgiveafuck Neil Young song ever as intro and only 14:46 seconds of perfectly wasted time. Adam's cat gets the final word, appropriately enough.