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The Maryland press conference will be televised at 3:00 p.m. and may be watched via stream here. Prop bets follow!

  • An angry Ralph Friedgen charges the scene and kills three: 5/1
  • Mike Leach swoops into the press conference on a torn sail wearing pantaloons: 3/1
  • Alternately, Leach just kind of crawls into a chair on the dais from the spot where he's hiding under the table: 5/2
  • Maryland fans, confused by football content, begin chanting "Duke sucks!" in the middle of the proceedings: 1/1
  • Everyone wearing gratuitous amounts of Under Armour: 4/1
  • Daniel Snyder sends you $183 bill for the privilege of watching the press conference online: 6/1
  • The word "Mike Locksley, head coaching candidate for Maryland" are uttered without a Terps fan having a heart attack: 0/0
  • Chances Mike Locksley is currently running towards Atlanta to knock the shit out of us for even typing this: 8/1
  • Chances this will get him fired: 100/1
  • Indignant questions being asked about Friedgen being screwed after winning the ACC Coach of the year: 2/9
  • Odds on you ever watching a bowl lull Maryland football press conference ever again: 1/1820