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The Humanitarian Bowl brings beef and bowling to the party, and quite literally so in the beef department. Most of the festivities involve a reward of beef, and then more beef, and then some beef for dessert, and then a generous round of beef fighting between experienced local beef brawlers. (In conclusion: beef beef beef, beef beef, beef. Beef.)

This year's Humanitarian Bowl features the orphaned Northern Illinois Huskies versus the Fresno State Bulldogs. A list of topics covered in this podcast include:

  • A rehashing of why a nauseated drunk should NOT watch Master and Commander
  • A review of the beef based activities already enjoyed by the now-foundering, beef-stunned participants in the Humanitarian Bowl.
  • A reminiscence of the finest player to ever finish their career on the field of the Humanitarian Bowl.
  • A shoutout to Danielle Brazil 

There's some doubling due to some Skype funkiness in the first twenty seconds or so, but it normalizes soon enough.

35 For 35: The Humanitarian Bowl