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Holly and ourselves will try to record a 15 minute podcast or so for every bowl game this year. This means eight hours of talking in total about games no one in their right mind would attempt to discuss. Why podcasts? Because the problem we've had over the years with the holidays has always been the same one: people traveling, schedules shot completely to hell, and the rare task of wanting to write about every game on the schedule, something no one does ever. (Okay, some people do, but that way lies madness.)

The podcast is therefore a handy, portable way to do it. Download here to listen to us discuss the curse of the New Mexico Bowl Chile Bowl Cook-Off, the duality of the Arizona/New Mexico balanced universe, and why grizzled parts of you don't like bowl teams finishing the year 6-7. We uploaded it to Twitvid, as well, and you can listen streaming after the jump. (There's no picture, just audio, because we're feeling retro today.

Title from Godfrey, of course.