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Allstate Rivalry Road Trip: Ohio State At Iowa


815 miles worth of road trip, y'all: That's what I'll be doing between tonight and tomorrow to get to Ohio State at Iowa, where you'll see just how uncomfortable one thin-blooded Southerner can be in the frigid Midwest as part of the Good Hands Roadside Rivalry Road Trip. Tell us something we need to stop and see along the way, and we will take pictures and do it. (Seriously, we will.)

We'll be rolling around Iowa tailgates, so please do say hello and stop by the Summit in Iowa City at 11 a.m. to hobnob with us and our close personal friend Tim Dwight, who rocked the barbed wire armband tat long before it became the most 2003 tattoo ever. We'll have tickets, prizes, and food, so please do stop by and tell us how you people live without excessive amounts of sunlight, corruption, and sweet tea.