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This happens in the South sometimes: a barfight breaks out, and rather than using the respected mens of merely punching each other, someone attempts to discharge as many bullets in an enclosed space in as short a time as possible.*

*This is overly regional, but whatever. Ask how many people you know north of the Mason-Dixon have been shot. We mean, really and truly shot, as in with a gun, in their body. Then, perform the sample with people south of the Mason-Dixon, and the divergence in the data will stun you. The number of people just walking around who've actually taken a discharged bullet in a redneck bar brawl or just sitting at the car wash in ATL--hellloooo Waka Flocka**--is insane. 

**A week after releasing "Salute Me or Shoot Me." Hip-hop fans are literal as hell.

This is what happened to three Southern Miss players outside a Hattiesburg, MS bar, and the results while not fatal for any of the three players are still nasty. Senior linebacker Martez Smith was shot in the spinal cord, and may have some paralysis as a result of his injuries (permanent or temporary is unknown.) Junior LB Tim Green took a bullet in the neck and has severed vocal cords. He can't speak. The least nasty of the injuries: a bullet in the lung of junior defensive linemen Deddrick Jones, which doctors removed from his lung on Sunday.

The shooter's ID is known--Travis Brown, of Prentiss, MS--but he is still at large. We don't know what has to be broken in your brain to miscalculate the appropriate amount of force needed in response to a situation, but gadzooks it's present here. As bad as this was, it could have been so much worse, and the worst part is how un-rare this truly is.