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Au revoir, sweet fever dream of preseason.
Au revoir, sweet fever dream of preseason.

A quick memorial for two great dreams deferred of 2010. First, Arkansas wide receiver Greg Childs will miss the rest of the season with a patella tendon injury requiring surgery. Childs, who had 46 catches for 659 yards and 6 TDs, suffered the injury during the fourth quarter of a blowout win over Vanderbilt, and this is something Arkansas fans will not discuss at all in anguished tones. Childs could leave for the NFL after this year, though the recovery period for a knee injury suffered this late in the season likely prevents any kind of effective performance in the combine.  

A second memoriam of sorts for our own Sark Week, the delusional but desired return to glory of Washington football under Lemur Genius Steve Sarkisian and his protege, the reconstructed body and somehow-still-intact-mind of Jake Locker. Locker will miss the Oregon game with a broken rib. If a quarterback is reported as having a broken rib, it means that one is actually sticking out of his torso, and the rest are just floating around in there as shards. (You know what we're talking about, Kyle Parker.) 

Redshirt freshman Keith Price will start, and should exceed his season total of pass attempts--nine--sometime in the second quarter. Oregon opened as a 28 favorite this week over Washington, but that should be up to bloodyhellnoenteen by tomorrow. Chip Kelly will see whatever spread is offered not as a forecast, but as a dare.