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Billy Gonzales is a former Florida WR coach who left in a lateral move to LSU to take the same position under Les Miles. There might be plenty of reasons for this to have happened. Perhaps Gonzales craves a life in a state where one can attain boudin balls at any reasonably sized gas station. Perhaps he wanted oppressive heat and humidity but with the extra spice of petrochemical industry pollution in the air. Perhaps, more than anything else, he wanted to coach under an offensive coordinator whose career battery warning light was flashing like a drunken pedophile hobo at a girl scout convention. 

If that's what he wanted, he certainly got it in Gary Crowton, though he could have just waited around for Addazio to flub his shot at the job and never left Florida. Then again, when you leave a job by post-it note things have progressed far beyond the stage of reason

The story circulating through Florida's football program is that Gonzales informed Meyer he was leaving for a rival program with a sticky note. That's right, one of those annoying little pieces of yellow paper. No face-to-face talk. No one-last-beer toast at The Grog House. None of that. According to the source, Gonzales left his keys and cell phone on a desk along with this message: "I'm going to LSU."

Gonzales was aggrieved due to not getting the OC job after the departure of Dan Mullen for Mississippi State, but who can argue with Urban's logic given the success the team has had HNNNNNNNNNNGGGG-----

Our emotions regarding this matter can only be summed up thusly.