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DID I STUTTER? So Nick Saban's an Office watcher, we guess.

We really don't think Saban was so much irritated by the question as much as the insistence on the question being repeated, since a man who turns down a presidential invitation to dinner with the President to focus on football really believes he doesn't have time for that shit. This is more true than ever now that Saban is branching out into music. His album, West Virginia Hillbilly Slang, drops on November 17th, thought the first single "Cover 2 (Tisha and Malika Hotel Adventure)" will debut on BET and ESPN on October 26th. We can't wait!

IN OTHER FUN AND QUASI-RELEVANT QUOTES: Steve Spurrier continues to say the things in public that others only think in private, and for that and 1996 we will love him until the day we die.

"Those were two of the good offenses we had at Florida," Spurrier said. "We looked like we were a lot smarter than he was those two games. Recently he's a lot smarter than I was last year, let's put it that way. Who knows who'll be the smartest this year? ... Of course, sometimes you can win and still be a dummy. We've learned that recently."

Steven. STEVEN! That's ten minutes in the corner, and you apologize to Les. Les. LES! Get that paste out of your mouth it's not for human consumption...

CONTINUING ON THE SUBJECT OF PEOPLE WHO MIGHT EAT PASTE OR MIGHT NOT. The option will remain part of the offense with John Brantley at Florida because, according to Sergeant Slaughter, Florida is averaging five yards a carry on these plays. We're convinced that Steve Addazio will become the master of citing bullshit stats applicable only against bad teams, since that five yards per play has to come off plays run against USF and Kentucky, not against anyone in the neighborhood of Alabama's talent.

THAT'S QUALITY HATE. Iowa really, really hates Purdue (or at least BHGP does.)

HUMANS DON'T HAVE THREE LARGE JOINTS IN THE LEG BELOW THE HIP. The good news is that attendance for Troy's assbeating of MTSU in Murfreesboro was the second largest in the history of the program. Yay MTSU! The bad news was the horrible invention of a new joint in the human leg, which you may view here if you don't get squeamish at horrible pictures of unthinkable injuries.

THOTH DAMNED LIBERALTH. This letter from Lou Holtz on behalf of the RNC is far more fun to read if you apply the Holth filter to the whole thing. If you wondered about the political leanings of Bret Bielema, swinging single football FBS football coach, it's less Democratic or Republican and more about "The Party," if you know what I mean LET'S SEE WHAT YOU PUT ON THE PLATFORM EXTACY GENTLEMAN'S CLUB THREE WOOOOOOOO---