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A copy of secret bye-week memos leaked to EDSBS by an inside source in the Florida program. Please, no press inquiries for the origin of these materials. We protect our sources with the ferocity of a lobotomized honey badger. 



RE: UGA gameplan 

Here's what I've been thinking up all week. This is gonna kill. I promise. Really, it'll work this time. Not like last time. 


That's our standard speed option. We're having great success with it. It averages 5.5 yards a carry* when we run it with John Brantley. It could be better, though. I've got the tweak for this week attached. 


*In games against non-SEC opponents except Miami of Ohio. They were tough! 


We run the same play, but here the blue line represents the sideline. See, if you run it starting five yards from the sideline it allows for even less time for the defense to react! This is gonna kill. Absolutely gonna kill. 

(Sneak attack! The wide receiver is actually lined up in the first row. If we have our usual officiating crew no one will even notice.) 


The all-hitch is one of our standard calls, but defenses have been crashing in on our receivers recently because they don't think we're going deep. The easy answer to this would be to call any number of plays: crossing routes, skinny posts, hitch and gos, or other mid-range to deep-field passing plays. That's the obvious thing to do.

We don't do that here at Florida.  


BOOM: The no-yard hitch. Looks like there's nothing going on, right? WRONG. At the snap everyone just stands there and waits for the ball to come to them. Think about it: Brantley can go anywhere on the field with the ball here! The toughest throw is over the slot receiver, but it's a throw we're confident he can make. If nothing else works, he can always hand off on the draw. It's gonna kill. Absolutely kill. 

The third base play of the UGA game is a good one. LIttle unconventional, I know, but you really should see what they've got going on in this game. 

I mean, here's the wristband they use. 


We'd have to strip out three of the pass plays, of course, but I feel like this gives us a chance to spring some new and effective stuff against Georgia.   


-Coach A.