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Traveling, viewing, and drankin' agendas for the weekend:

ORSON (Auburn):
EN VIVO!: LSU-Auburn
EN TEEVEE: Michigan State-Northwestern, Mississippi-Arkansas, Oklahoma-Missouri
EN DVR: Wisky-Iowa, Nebraska-Oklahoma State

HOLLY (Columbus)
EN TEEVEE: Notre Dame-Navy, Syracuse-West Fuckin' Virginia, LSU-Auburn, Alabama-Tennessee, Air Force-TCU
EN DVR: UNC-Miami, Oklahoma-Mizzou


TOMMY BOWDEN: Secreted in an undisclosed Western bunker and pleasuring himself nonstop for the past eighteen hours to the thought of being able to kick a field goal down 39-3 on national television in primetime. That never-say-fight bitch mentality likes the cut of Pretty Ricky's jib, oh yes it does.

This is your open thread for USF-Cincinnati, Albany-Central Connecticut State (IT'S ON TELEVISION THEY BOTH ARE STOP LAUGHING STOP THAT), and the morning's merriment. Crack out your TV listings and coverage maps and tell us your plans. Andiamo, brothers and friends.