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The GMAC Bowl, if not the crappiest bowl of the bowl season, is certainly the saddest because of its date: January 6th, pushed way, way back between the New Year's Day bowls and the BCS Title game. It's the sad local radio promo man sent out between the final act of the night and opening act to plug a horrible website and hand out stickers while the real show gets their pants on and disengages themselves from their attending groupies. There's lots of shots of the U.S.S. Alabama, and everyone looks unhappy in the freezing breeze off the bay watching MAC and Sun Belt teams work sort of hard for the $125 worth of goodie bag they'll receive in addition to the free trip to Mobile. 

Alter your terminology, however: It's now the Bowl. You may be familiar with their commercials.*

GoDaddy will certainly be an improvement on the GMAC sponsorship in that they're both willing to sponsor it and because people know what they sell: a service that places a woman with breast implants into random situations who then compels other women to take off their shirts and make out with them, but only in a special installment available solely on the internet. On the scale of sketchy bowl sponsorships, we rank this as follows. 

1. The St. Petersburg Bowl 

2. The Poulan WeedEater Independence Bowl 

3. The Bowl

4. The Bacardi Bowl (just because it was in Havana.) 

5. The Hartford Men's RapeWig Bowl. (1988 only)  


*The following commercial is not a GoDaddy advertisement.