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Greg Calabrese in the first 20 seconds of this clip goes through the heroic cycle of sports emotion: excitement during the play, a moment of fistpumping jubilation, and then the tragedy of bizarre self-injury when knee ligaments shear off the knee in mid-celebration. Gus Frerotte praises the innovation and subtlety here. Marshall ran for 37 yards last night on 20 carries, and that's really all you need to know about the slow beating UCF put on Marshall at home. (Rod Gilmore did get through the portion of the broadcast we saw without mentioning the run-pass option at the goal line. Way to go, Rod!) 


I step off the train

I'm walking down your street again

and past your door

But you don't live there any more

It's years since you've been there

But now you've disappeared

somewhere like outer space

You've found some better place

And I miss you - like the deserts miss the rain

And I miss you - like the deserts miss the rain

Cowbells will be confiscated by Florida officials at the MSU game Saturday. Steve Addazio's headset will not. You decide which is the greater crime THE SECOND ONE DAMMIT. Also: don't you have other things to worry about, UAA?

LE BLOGPOLL. No one knows what the hell to do with Utah, who sit somewhere between "Mountain West Good" and "Sneaky Rogue BCS Buster." Their three game stretch staring on the week of 10/30 runs Air Force, TCU, and Notre Dame through the Ute Opponent Processing Device Kyle Whittingham has created in Salt Lake City, which should clarify their standing somewhat. The Notre Dame win will only help their standing in Beano Cook's polls, which predict Utah will really become something once they finish the railway connecting Salt Lake to to the outside world. (And after statehood is granted, wow, this biplane's really gonna soar!) (Beano Cook! He's OLD.) 

THEY'LL GET FREQUENT FLYER MILES NO MATTER WHERE THEY GO. The Big East will do desperate things to get TCU, something every football team in the conference will regret deeply the minute they start playing Gary Patterson's baby-punching defenses. We mean, no pressure. The Big East, like Joe Biden will just be in the hot tub when you're ready to have an informal discussion about conference realignment or whatever else feels right. 

ALL HAIL FREEK. Mentioned today in Slate as a "hero of GIF Photoshopping." He's so much more, but that's a fine enough start. 

BIG TEN SPEED NO DON'T LAUGH. As Off Tackle Empire points out, the Big Ten in 2011 will have a dazzling array of legitimately fast quarterbacks, though Scott Tolzien laughs at this whole speed fad. You'll see that he's right in the end, but in the meantime if you need him to run the option he will. They didn't call him Amish lightning for nothing

SHOULD YOU WISH TO CURB THE BOISTEROUS CONFIDENCE OF tOSU FANS: This is all the ammunition you need today. The part where the man slowly garrots a truck stop hooker was obviously edited out, but if you subscribe to the Youtube channel he'll be happy to send it to you.