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It's the second part of the commercial--the one with the dog who appears to be wearing a dynamite vest--that inspired the thought that Auburn was training dogs to explode, which is how they saved lives, or perhaps just because the words "Auburn Institute of Exploding Dog Studies" was funnier than anything that happened in the Auburn/Mississippi State game. (<----For once.)  Now that you know its origins, this post is brought to you by the Auburn Institute of Exploding Dog Studies: saving the world one disintegrated Giant Schnauzer at a time. 

A GROUP OF VERY INFLUENTIAL 18 YEAR OLDS WAS POLLED AND THEY SAID: IT STINKS.  If there is a ray of hope for Florida fans hoping against hope that Steve Addazio's offensive molestations will come to an end, it is recruits talking about how awful your offense is, and how it might change how they feel about committing to your program. Losses and a two year decline in production unparalleled in Urban Meyer's tenure. We got this. Recruits saying it's affecting the way they see the program? 


(HT: Blutarsky.) 

THE REVERSE CURSE, HUMAN CENTIPEDE'D. Thujone, the genius behind the MS Paint Threads of Dominance on ShaggyBevo, has one very well-illustrated example of the reverse curse for Texas/Nebraska. Keep in mind that Dr. Saban of Tuscaloosa managed to string together 19 victims into a Human Centipede before the equally malevolent Dr. Spurrier turned the tables on him. 

THE BLUR OFFENSE IS A TERRIBLE NAME. Then again, so is "The New Hampshire Spread," which we assume to be a song about having sex with a libertarian girl in a cold bedroom, so Blur Offense is as good as we'll get for a while in a surprisingly competent and safe description of the offense from Gregg Easterbrook. It is notable for not making us want to claw our eyeballs out like every other piece of writing about college football Easterbrook has ever done, and for the lack of "this offense is as crafty as a rag-selling Jew!" references. 

THAT IS THE PROBLEM AND YES JOE PATERNO IS STILL OLD. Penn State's real problem has been injuries, and there's some merit to pinning most of their problems on that, especially since Paterno's age and his actual role on the team have been largely irrelevant for at least a decade now. 

AND HE EVEN PREDICTED HIS OWN ARREST. In Alabama, even their petty criminals are lady-slaying champions. 

Warrants for first-degree robbery and first-degree assault are issued for Namath Joe Jackson, 33, whose former address is Plum Street in Russellville.

(HT: Jay.)