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What do South Korea and Iowa have in common? Plenty. Both are rivals with a dictatorship led by an aging charismatic leader and his son. Both are blazing hot in the summer and ball-destroyingly cold in the winter. Both have a fondness for beer and chain restaurants, and both South Korea and Iowa love freedom and democracy. Iowa exercises their love primarily by its unique role in the American primary system, and South Korea does so by periodically erupting in the fiercest rioting on the planet, and in this sense South Korea really wins because their rioting looks fantastic when set to crushing guitar riffs.

The full video of the continuing synergy between Iowa and South Korea is after the jump, and we're just as confused as you are by this. The "Mr. Sparkle" episode of The Simpsons was real, and merely transcribed for your animated pleasure. (HT: Alberta Gael.

Did you find them hot? You did? This man would like to see you.