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Hinton's putting together his top five plays of the year, and considering the fifty plus games that happen every weekend in college football narrowing down every spectacular thing that happened into ten ideal plays is from the start a task you're born to fail at. However, we would like to remind everyone of the plays of the year in terms of survival, a title shared by three men: Russell Hill of Idaho State, Chad Jones of LSU, and Joe Adams of Arkansas.

First, we should honor Russell Hill for not dying of fright when he encountered an enraged Vontaze Burfict in the wild without the protection of a firearm or pepper spray. Neither would have helped, but it's nice to think so when heading out the door in the morning in a five hundred mile radius of his habitat.

For actual force applied to bodies in a cruel way, the award has to be shared by Joe Adams of Arkansas and Chad Jones of LSU, who met in a grotesque fashion at the goal line in in the wild 33-30 LSU win over Arkansas.

Both players finished the game, with Adams catching the 14 yard TD from Mallett to send the game into overtime. This came after Adams had a mild stroke in the offseason. As with all stories involving the improbable toughness of football players, no, really: being a little tired is a perfectly good excuse not to go to gym and run like a gerbil on a treadmill for twenty minutes. Seriously, don't go! You might die! JOE ADAMS WILL JUST BE OVER HERE CATCHING A FUCKING FOOTBALL IN ONE HAND WHILE HOLDING A GAUZE PAD TO THE HOLE IN HIS BRAINPIPES.