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MS Paint, you will never know the hands of a more tender lover. If you've ever doubted the power summoned by proper handling of MS Paint, please see the modern equivalent of the The Decameron, aka THujone's Amazing MS Paint Odyssey Through Time, The Rose Bowl, and Getting Thrown Out Of The BCS Title Game.

Truly one of the masterpieces of our time, this tour de force should be available in needlepoint, cross-stitch, and handy portable gif form shortly. On a barely related note, Shaggy Bevo's users really like using pornographic avatars, so if you have someone looking over your shoulder, mind your surfing.

That's one big small tit. Addicted To Quack unearths the bizarre story of how Autzen Stadium, aka The Little Box O' Hell, almost ended up as a dome (or in ATQ's words, was almost covered by an A-Cup.) The idea was that of Bill Byrne--he who is barely hanging on at Texas A&M--as a response to the crumbling Autzen Stadium's horrific condition in the mid-80s. He couldn't get the cash in the end, and Autzen became the Pac-10s one loud-ass stadium of pride after some capital improvements were made, and the idea joined the great scrap-heap of stadium improvement ideas like The Plan to Actually Turn The Swamp Into A Swamp, the great scheme to strap people to the overhanging roof at Husky Stadium, and the installation of fifteen more decks onto Kyle Field.

The map: makes a valid point here. So does anyone who suggests that a better coach wouldn't have lost five straight and dropped a game to a very bad Utah State team. In related news, blogs are terrible, but as a terrorist cannibal you already knew that. Pass the foreleg of Kiffin, please.

Integrity: you can't spell ACC without it WAIT-- The ACC has integrity, defined here as "an inability to buy coaches out due to budget shortfalls." We all know there's only man in college football with integrity, and that's Ricky Stanzi, the last thing standing between our nation and godless anarchy. This message brought to you by Stanzi/Leman 2012: Knock, Knock. Who's there? America, that's who.

Mmm, Game Theory. It's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over at Smart Football, and it makes Hal Mumme look slightly less insane for the answer he gave to the question "How do you improve your rushing average?": "Pass more." Additionally, it gives us the excuse to play this in the background.