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Crash-tested for your approval. Oh well-done, Freek.

Nothing further on the glamorous life Lane Kiffin left behind him in Knoxville, though Kevin Steele was certainly impressed enough by Clemson's offerings of automobiles to turn down the Vols' Lexuses to remain at Clemson. Part of the cash to keep him allegedly came from Dabo himself, who diverted part of his pay raise to keep his defensive coordinator. No bitterness will come from that the first time the Clemson defense blows a lead next year. Nope. None whatsoever.

Positives: we'll find 'em. The bad news is that your pregame tv guy has been arrested on child pornography charges. The good news: PAPA SWINDLE FOR SIDELINE REPORTER. Disadvantages: not photogenic, speaks too quickly, difficult hair, zero fashion sense whatsoever, and a tendency to make interviews more awkward than they need to be. Advantages: not into kiddie porn. Our resume is here. We'll be waiting by the phone.

Just a joke, like you know, one of those factual ones. Mississippi State recruits say the references to a strip club visit on their Facebook statuses were "a joke," and that there is no way a bunch of 18 year olds would ever dream of going to a strip club on a visit to a college town. Brah, we totally would have, but we just ended up walking all over campus and going to Krispy Kreme at 5 in the morning, because...because we were hopelessly lame and insomniac like that. #thuglife

"He's not a danger to anyone. Especially wide receivers." Former Florida CB Wondy Pierre-Louis is out on bail after a reduction when his girlfriend said he was not a danger to anyone.

"Why do you have so many flip-flops?" Pete Carroll, thespian-at-large.