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With USF taking Skip Holtz, the Bulls fill their coaching vacancy with a guy who surely didn't want to skip out on a great opportunity like USF! /shoots self in face. We may now look forward to even more USF on ESPN, and not just because they love Holtz-on-Holtz commentary during the game. USF should actually be a Big East contender late into the season since Holtz will bring innovations the Bulls have lacked on offense like outlet receivers and pass protection. Innovations: he has 'em.

Holtz will also get to savor the joys of the Tampa Bay life, also known as getting in a boat at the end of the day and drinking a 24 pack in a boat before woozily returning to its blighted shores for sleep. Oh, and Ted Peter's Smoked Fish, the official smoked fish of EDSBS and the Universe That Gives A Shit About Quality Mullet Dip As We Know It. Other than that, Skip, workaholics miss nothing in Tampa.

ECU's coaching vacancy has only one logical solution. Pirates: meet your captain.

Let's get it poppin', agents.