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I believe that what I said was accurate. TJ Simers is the voice at the 1:30 mark or so that turns Lane Kiffin's pudding brain into a boiling mess of denatured goo. (HT: The Wiz.

Ragin' Cajun's favorite photo of the Fall of Saigon retreat from the Tennessee football offices is here. YOYOYOYOTAMPERINWIFFAREKROOTZ.

The Fat Man Stays Out. Fulmer issued a statement through his current employers, CBS Sports, just clearing up any theories about him retaking Rocky Top with the support of his corn syrup -fueled mafia of followers.

Recent events have been painful and an embarrassment to all of us who care about UT. I love the University; I am loyal to my alma mater and am ready to help as the University makes one of the most important decisions in the history of our football program. However, to prevent any misunderstanding, I am not seeking to be a candidate for the head coaching position.

Muschamp says he's staying, but that rumor won't die until the second someone else is hired. Until then Texas fans will have to clutch their plush Muschamp BOOM! dolls in terror, even if there's nothing to it because money will be thrown, and money is pretty. The next on the list is Air Force's Troy Calhoun, who unlike Lane Kiffin is both a disciplined coach and has actually accomplished something on his own in life.

It's two sentences......but we'll take it: Mike Leach to UCLA if Chow doesn't work out! It's a done deal! You heard it here third, or possibly fourth! Korean taco truck on the starboard bow, Cap'n Leach! Three of the bim bim bop ones to eat while you're conducting an interview on the phone, sir? Coming right up!

Free to continue coaching Little Mac. Ruffin McNeil was let go by Tommy Tuberville to continue his career training hopeless 8 bit boxers from 1985 destined to be knocked out by Mr. Sandman or MIke Tyson, depending on how good your hand-eye coordination was, and whether you just wanted to play Zelda instead.

Duct tape. It's still brilliant. Fake or not, the ambition there by both bear and duct-tape engineer is impressive.