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CURIOUS INDEX, 12/31/2009


Idaho coach Robb Akey does sound like the Macho Man, and certainly coached like he was locked in a cage match in the Humanitarian Bowl. Idaho went for two after tearing down the field with 32 seconds left, hitting a TD with 4 seconds, and then decided to bypass limbo and gamble on heaven or hell with a two point conversion attempt to the back of the endzone. Which worked. And was awesome. The Humanitarian Bowl will probably be the pinnacle of bowl season as we know it because no other game will seesaw thanks to a complete lack of defense, and also because of the lackluster BCS matchups ahead.

Mike Stoops Loses Holiday Bowl Games. Oregon State is off the hook for the title of worst bowl performance by a BCS team, as they have been supplanted by Arizona, a team that tallied 109 yards of offense on the night, a mere six first downs, and provided little resistance to a Nebraska offense previously stricken with Bells' Palsy for much of the season. If we'd made the Holiday Bowl drinking game dependent on Wildcat points, we wouldn't have this rusty barbed wire halo of a headache today. Corn Nation rejoices; Freek puts Mike Stoops in Ogre's spot, though we swore he looked like the illegitimate son of Jim Leavitt last night.

This is why you never keep emails. The emails going back and forth over the Leach contract negotiations are more telling about why the Texas Tech/Leach relationship went sour than anything else. Leach comes off as flighty and too odd to mesh with the administration, and the administration comes off like an overgrown Kiwanis club full of drinking buddies convinced they can do better. FWIW: Art Briles is mentioned by name in the emails when comparisions with other coaches come up, meaning the initial rumors suggesting he is a fave of the administration are quite accurate. (Via Smart Football.)

Polynesian Sauce ain't bad either. Everything does taste better slathered in victory sauce, though the key tonight will be Tennessee's run defense versus Ryan Williams, because VT offensive coordinator Brian Stinespring does the same thing every time regardless of whether the brick wall likes it or not. (Applies head.) (Applies head.) (Applies head.)

Yaw bee baw, baw yee baw yaw retirement. Joe Kines retires. We'll always have the inside trout, Joe.