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CURIOUS INDEX, 12/7/2009

Freek has had a busy weekend, one:

London, called. Richmond coach Mike London's hiring at UVA means the number of black head coaches at BCS schools now stands at two, and more importantly he's smart enough, he's good enough, and doggone it players like him. This tragic news brings to the end the renegade candidacy of Ron Prince, dynamic young coaching star just waiting for someone to tap a keg of greatness by rolling him into the party. Your loss, UVA, though your pick is a nice one, since you can't intimidate someone who's already worked undercover as a policeman and has already been almost run over while staring down the barrel of a gun.

And a possible third: Charlie Strong talked with Louisville this morning, and despite a bizarre, arm-tackling performance by his defense in the SEC Championship Game the man deserves every chance he gets after a stellar career as an assistant. Get money, Charlie, and if you decide to stay, well, that certainly won't suck, either.

Easy come, easy go. Eddie Gran goes to head up the recruiting effort at Florida State, leaving Tennessee and joining THE SPEAR, James Coley, in Tallahassee. No word on whether he, too, will post an all-caps fierce Twitter feed, but we sincerely hope so.

Rocky Top: the version is en route, and features a special guest. It will be spectacular, but please remember that Todd did not specify how we had to sing it, or in what style. NEVER GIVE A BASTARD AN INCH OR HE WILL TAKE A FURLONG.