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This is from Dienhart yesterday, but before it vanishes over the digital horizon it should be mentioned. From "an SEC assistant" on Alabama (and Florida's) secondaries:

SECONDARY: Their weakness might be their secondary. They lost some guys who were chemistry guys in the back end. Schematically, they do a lot of different things. They do some things I couldn't get away with because I don't have some of the players who can just make plays. They do some things like Florida where you go, 'Holy cow, that's not very sound.' But it ends up in a 2-yard loss.

Between Greg McElroy's ill-advised throws and Tim Tebow's mile-long delivery, cornerbacks could be the old, sweaty dynamite lurking on the field just waiting for a match on Saturday night. The anonymous coaches also note the deterioration of Tim Tebow's mechanics this year, something that we (naively or not) thought looked better over the past few games. Hey, those are also the worst defense we faced all year! Hooooooooooray blind optimism!