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What are these conflicted feelings? What if you woke up one day, the sun rose, and you were certain the devil was gone? And that, for an instant, you felt sorry for him as he handed in his pitchfork, his flesh-ripping tongs, his company badge, and his hoof guards and walked every so gingerly through the brimstone to the elevator as his minions watched? Even if the devil had been slacking it pretty seriously in recent years, and had foregone his old tricks of drowning whole boatloads of your loved ones in favor of more modest and inept crimes, like failed muggings of Wake Forest? And what if, even after all the memories of his former crimes, you felt...sympathy?

More on this tomorrow. It's not like you'll miss him being there,'s not like you won't notice, either.

UPDATE: Or, if you'll check the refreshed stream, Bowden's "made no decision yet."