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Luchini fever has clearly broken out among the Vols, who have both engaged in heistin' merchandise and gunnin' (of the pellet variety) this week.

Next up in the revival: the heistin' merchandise portion.

Freshman safety Nyshier Oliver was arrested on November 7 and charged with shoplifting at a department store in West Town Mall.

The police report says Oliver was spotted putting a brown shirt worth approximately $110 in a Dillard's bag. He was arrested around 1:45 that Saturday.

...the Saturday of homecoming about six hours before the Memphis game, to be precise. We welcome the Vols back to the land of the competitive SEC East teams, and now up their possibility of winning an SEC East title next year thanks to the increased verve and hunger of the youngsters clearly energized by the new regime in Knoxville. DA COACHO HE BE SIPPIN' ARMAREDDA! DA LANEKIFFUH HE BE SIPPIN ARMAREDDA!