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Mark Mangino is the subject of an internal review by the athletic director at Kansas. This does not mean a literal survey, as in a miniature submarine deployed into his bloodstream to properly assess his health, anatomy, and the actual size of Mangino himself. There is no need for a miniature submarine to do this. An ultralight would do for the purposes of this study, albeit one with an expanded gas tank to cover the expansive territory under study. (If it works for African wildlife research, it will work for Mangino studies.)


Kansas University athletic director Lew Perkins met Monday night with the school's football players to discuss concerns about football coach Mark Mangino brought to his attention by one of the current players and others with ties to the football program, the Journal-World has learned.

Mangino is legendarily dickish with his behavior, and not just with his players. (With the exception of his more tender, confessional moments.) He probably has had to be this way to get anything done at Kansas, but the logic goes, as Pete says: when you're winning, dickhead is fine, and when you're not and bleeding out in the midst of a four game losing streak, it's not.

The idea of him being in serious trouble due to player unhappiness seems absurd, especially since it takes a real peoplesuit like John Mackovic to make a player insurrection a real possibility. Absurdity is also the key in which life is written like a fine Spike Jones number, so yeah, it's entirely possible.