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WE WERE RIIIIIIIIGHT. When you're right so infrequently, you have to gloat when you can. Ahem:

The teams are remarkably similar in build and methodology, but if you have to go with anything, go with Tyrod Taylor’s ability to, on one or two frenetic occasions in the game, reach between his two very talented cheeks and just pull something from his ass.

Ahoy, ass-pulled wonderplay!

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Taylor also fumbled once doing that, but he gives, and he takes, and did enough spectacular scrambling to keep Tech drives alive in a 16-3 victory over the ECU Pirates, who shot themselves in the wooden leg all night with drive-killing penalties. Tech freshman Ryan Williams also had 179 clock-killing yards and got to show off the "Sweetness" tat on his forearm for the cameras, so yeah, it was as slow a night of football as one might expect.

Chicken fightin'. Louisianans are not just loyal to Bobby Hebert because he's Cajun, but because he is Cajun, actually played winning football for the Saints from time to time, and because he's Cajun and quotable. Hebert's son T-Bob will line up across from the People's Republic of Terrance Cody this Saturday in the LSU/Bama game, and Bobby has advice for him involving chickens and crabs.

"I told T-Bob the thing to do is to get into a chicken fight with him," Hebert said, meaning scratch and claw and do anything short of putting another lineman on his shoulders.

"If he's aggravated with you, then it's harder for him to make a play," Hebert said. "It's going to be a challenge. He's got to fight any way he can. He's Cajun like his daddy and his granddaddy and his relatives, so he'll be fighting, I know that. He's got to do what they call the crab block — stay low and aggravate him. I'm not saying to be dirty, but T-Bob's got to stay low against him and bother him and try different things."

He's saying punch him in the balls, scratch at him, and bother him. Also, we think he's trying to tell him to feed whole chickens to him during the game. Good strategy, but let's suggest another one and go for turkey, just to get the tryptophan coma working for you in the third and fourth quarter. Possible disadvantage: turkey's pretty greasy, so if consuming seven turkeys over the course of a game merely arouses him, he'll be huge and slippery. Take advice at your own risk, T-Bob.

No word: on Urban Meyer's possible fine/suspension from the SEC. When white smoke comes from the offices in Birmingham, we'll know Mike Slive is burning hundreds to let people know it's a fine.

Unconcerned with your Tom of Finland Lion: TP ain't skurred of your puny t-shirts.

He will be wearing pants. Riley Skinner has been cleared to play against Georgia Tech on Saturday. It is a slow weekend of football when one of the five bullet points to kick off a late morning news update involves Wake's qb, but that is where we're at on a lackluster Saturday of football that IS STILL THREE THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN ANY SATURDAY IN THE OFFSEASON.