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Baby Can I B The Worm In Ya Apple Butt?
Now Gon Back It up, And If U Back it Up
I'll Suck The Front Of Dat Pussy From Da Back Of Ya
And Imma Urban Legend Like A Black Acura

That's our favorite Lil Wayne line ever, though "Smoke weed and talk shit like Lane Kiffin" is now up there. (Scroll to the 1:10 mark or so.)

Kiffin got wind of this, and thanked Lieutenant Vagina Beast on his Twitter feed.

Picture 6

There will be some tut-tutting about this, we're sure. Fans saying things like, "Do you want to brag about an endorsement from a promiscuous, wealthy midget who openly abuses cough syrup and marijuana?" Sure, why not. It's as good an endorsement football-wise as one from, oh, say someone like Phil Fulmer at this stage in his life, and certainly pleases the backdoor racist recruitnik. Why, the black rapper likes him? Certainly a young black man will do anything the dreadlocked Drank addict says to do! Well played!

Don't ever, ever overestimate the public, though. To quote Frisky Dingo: "All Americans want is cold beer, warm pussy, and a place to shit with a door on it." If someone famous says it's good, then you should go flock to it, meaning all new recruits to Tennessee will commit by tattooing Lane Kiffin's name in they mouth. If this sounds harsh, reconsider when you think about what body part Ed Orgeron gets to place his large, forceful inky signature on, and then call Lane Kiffin demanding when you've burned that image into your head.

UPDATE! Weezy's not picky with his SEC references, as Andrew points out here. Tim Tebow gets his name checked around the 2:00 mark.