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Fun facts from the midpoint of the Chizik era, year one: Auburn's defense has been on the field or 575 plays, tied for 113th in the nation in total snaps taken by the defense. The side effect of the espresso-paced Malzahn offense is to lengthen the game for everyone, your defense included, which is why you see your Toledos and Texas Techs down in those rankings, too. This leads to more opportunities for the opposing team, which leads to fatigue, which leads to Les Miles' struggling offense breaking out the good knives and going to work despite struggling through most of the season. Auburn's defense is tired, and we'd bet even money on them looking more gassed as the season goes on due to the first year of the system and the lack of conditioning. It's not like Auburn spent the offseason lounging poolside and feasting on gelato, but you can't really be prepared to take that many snaps unless you've seen what switching up-tempo can do to the defense of the team making the switch.

(HT: The ever-cromulent War Eagle Reader.)