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I told you thurr was a conspiracy! Toldja!


First I was right about Houston Nutt communin' with the Trilateral Commission, and a then ah told you about the radioactive worms the NSA done put in my tomatoes to keep an eye on me. Then you laft at how ah spotted the Zionists workin on me through the presenze of their agent Seth Roggin in all them Judd Apataw movies tryn to tell me my penis was an atenna transmittin' Palestian propagandah to the masses to give them a reason to make movies. The cops arrestin me fah showin' it to 'em that night at Slankey's Tavern on 3 for 1 Natty Light night only PROVES HOW REAL THE PENILE BROADCASTIN' WAS!

And now ah done got another one! Wake up, sheeple! Iss right in God's own sport!

Lane Kiffin, in his first year in the SEC, got his second reprimand from the conference office today. The Tennessee head coach was scolded by commissioner Mike Slive for his public comments since Tennessee's 12-10 loss to Alabama.

That's a violation of the SEC Code of Ethics.

CONSPIRASAH!!! First they get Florda and Alabama in the game, then the Antichristabama appears in thah sky, then as foretold in tha Mothman Propheseez the Werechild dooz battle with the Tebowantichristabama till one of um goes to the BCS and takez control of the guvmint through nappin' cells in the FDA and ATF. IT'S ALL CONNECTED AND CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH A GREATER FEAR OF PEOPLE BEING MASSIVELY INCOMPETENT IN AN ANARCHIC AN CHAOTIC WORLD NO SIR. I seez it all!

Editor's note: Lane Kiffin moves one step closer to being Planet Doofus' Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's pointing at McMahon! Has he no respect for the Commissioner!