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We tackle EDSBS Live for the week with the four questions so pressing Giles Corey calls them heavy.

1. What assistant coach would you like to see your head coach punch? Like children, old people and mules, assistant coaches are forever in need of a solid punching. For your team, what assistant coach most needs a solid diet of knuckle sandwich until their idiocy is stopped either by behavior modification through violence or death? Georgia fans, we give you the courtesy of choosing two, because your anger is savory and spreads well on many delicious brands of cracker.

2. At the halfway mark, what team is bound to reach for the brass ring of excellence, slip, and fall to their death in a chasm of mediocrity? You cannot take Illinois, because they are already down there, or at least in mid-flight and realizing they have no parachute.

3. Name your game of the year thus far. The most fun we had watching any game thus far was Texas Tech/Houston. It wasn't "important" with quotes and a full row of national importance medallions, but it was ridiculous free-fire offense when it counted and evenly matched defenses in between. The second most fun we had watching a game was watching Tennessee demolish Georgia, but only in the sense that watching something that should not happen unfold in front of your eyes is fun. Like spending Saturday night with a ball gag in your mouth, you wouldn't define it as universally portable fun.

4. The remainder. The crux, if you will, that the rest depends on for your team. For instance: Florida's game against South Carolina in Columbia looks like the greatest challenge on the schedule remaining. Win that, and you've faced the toughest defense you'll face for the remainder of the year. If your team is currently sucking an exhaust pipe and praying for death, what game will be the most painful? Again, a Georgia fan gets two answers, because it makes the pleasure centers in our brain light up like blown transformers in a thunderstorm to hear it.

BYOB, and we'll talk to you tonight at 9:00 EDT.