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CURIOUS INDEX, 10/12/2009

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That wasn't all he took.


Florida ended a 32 game LSU win streak on Saturday nights, no mean feat at the Estadio Azteca of the SEC, even if it was an ugly slapfight featuring abysmal qb play at times. Big Ten fans, please: pile on. We won't care, since we're still sweating out the eight types of jambalaya and gallons of Abita Amber consumed during the course of the weekend. What does it smell like in here, you ask? Victory and impending cardiac disease, that's what it smells like here. More on this later, but one request of Florida coaches: you have Aaron Hernandez on the field. He has two very good hands. Perhaps you may want to use those from time to time. Yours, fan who is beginning to suspect Steve Addazio is a severe downgrade from Dan Mullen. These are the kind of things you give opposing fans time to think about while you're stalling the game by getting three false start penalties on one series, LSU. Those things take forever.

(The fellows at the Geaux Show found a pleasant enough way to pass the rainy Saturday morning, speaking of glorious time-killers: a live show from the tailgate. PodKatt's New Iberia-style jambalaya was the spiciest we had all day, a kind of delicious, savory pepper-spray assault on the senses. Fantastic business all around.)

An expert on head injuries, that man. Urban Meyer consulted with someone who knows from brain trauma when deciding whether to play Tim Tebow or not:

Meyer said he also talked with former Ohio State coach Earle Bruce and legendary coach-turned-ESPN-analyst Lou Holtz to get their thoughts on how to best decide whether to play Tim Tebow against the Tigers.

If years of playing football and simply being Lou Holtz didn't do the trick, coaching at Notre Dame and South Carolina had to finish the job of giving Coach Holth a lingering low-grade concussion at all times--and if that didn't do it, listening to Bob Davie speak on a daily basis would have finished the process.

Numbers are fun and sometimes hard to budge into favorable positions. Dawg Sports now supports the deposing of Willie Martinez as defensive coordinator at Georgia after Jonathan Crompton distracted the UGA safeties with sparklers and had a game exactly three thousand times better than any game he has ever played ever against the Bulldogs. To wit:

For those who still need convincing, though, here is the tale of the tape: Georgia allowed 31 points to Auburn in 2005, 38 points to West Virginia in the 2006 Sugar Bowl, 51 points to Tennessee in 2006, 35 points to Tennessee in 2007, 30 points to Florida in 2007, 34 points to Troy in 2007, 41 points to Alabama in 2008, 38 points to LSU in 2008, 49 points to Florida in 2008, 38 points to Kentucky in 2008, 45 points to Georgia Tech in 2008, 37 points to South Carolina in 2009, 41 points to Arkansas in 2009, and 45 points to Tennessee in 2009

This is akin to Gourmet suggesting buttter is bad for you. Which it's not, since we didn't see any unhealthy people in Baton Rouge, or even in Louisiana, for that matter. In fact, their healthy girths suggested the place was the cradle of well-being and health itself, so well-fed and jolly were they!

That thing that works? Let's not do that. Perhaps Gary Crowton can astral plane, since the refusal to do something that worked in other situations possessed Rich Rodriguez, leaving Andy asking: where was Tate Forcier on Michigan's last drive?

And Dick Vitale Wept. Greg Paulus remains the starter at Syracuse despite struggling with any throw not involving a bubble screen against West Virginia. You don't care about Syracuse football, but perhaps you hate Greg Paulus and find his failure fascinating, so there you go.